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A Platform of Active Community Leadership

Mike’s platform is about involvement and hard work.  The opportunity to represent the interests of our community is a privilege he will work toward earning every day.  He wants input and perspective from all sides of the issues that matter to his neighbors so his time spent serving this community will impact our future for the better.

Active Representation

  • Mike will work for you.  He will continue his track records of active engagement in the community, sponsoring legislation, and engaging in legislative debates that reflect the interests of our community.

Supporting Working Families

  • Having been a member of the CWA Local 6310/6320 as well as the I.A.M Local 777 before owning his own business, Mike will make sure that the hardworking families of District 68 have active and approachable representation.

Ongoing Community Dialogue

  • As a community representative and neighborhood leader, Mike will seek out input and perspective on the issues facing our community.  He will listen and act on your input for outcomes that make a difference. 

Neighborhood Stabilization

  • Mike believes that local ownership is a key factor in maintaining a beautiful, safe and stable community.  He will work to limit home ownership by out-of-town landlords who are not vested in preserving our community.

Business Development

  • As a Florissant small business owner, Mike is an active member in the business community.  Mike will work with other government leaders to bring more business to North St. Louis County and support existing businesses.

Advocating for North County

  • Mike will work to ensure that North County receives its fair share of state funds to support education and infrastructure improvements in our community.

Neighborhood Safety

  • Mike is a strong supporter of first responders and will support legislation that strengthens local law enforcement and other public safety workers.

Partnership with Labor, Business & Government

  • Mike will work with local government leaders, businesses, and the strong labor leadership within the district on shared objectives and concerns.

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